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Latest solution for iPhone 7 blurred screen

A customer send us an iPhone 7 need to be repaired, the problem is that the iPhone 7 screen is blurred, here is the latest solution for it. After received the iPhone 7, first we get into IOS to check the screen, it is blurred screen. Now, start to repair. Disassemble the phone with iPhone 7 opening tools carefully and observe the main board. We found this motherboard is a pretty board, according to the previous maintenance experience, the iPhone display base needs to have a test with Fluke digital multimeter. It is found that the resistance of the 17th pin showing the J4502 resistance of the base is infinite, and the normal resistance should be more than 400. This pin is powered by the screen 1.8V. This point is connected with the inductance DL3906 through reading on WUXINJI schematic diagram. The other end of the inductance is measured normally, so we replace a new inductance FL3906. Finally, assemble the iPhone 7 and get into IOS to test it, it displays properly. Test other functions on iPhone, everything works fine. More iPhone repair guide and cell phone repair tools, please contact with China Phonefix Shop Team on


iTunes error 4014 on iPhone 6S Plus—how to fix?

Today, we are going to talk about iTunes error 4014 on iPhone 6S Plus. When restore the iPhone 6S Plus by iTunes, it reports unknown error 4014 and failed to restore, so the iPhone 6S Plus can not be used normally. How to fix it? Got answers here! Tear down the iPhone, and then remove the iPhone motherboard. Use FLUKE multimeter to measure the power supply 1.8V and 3V of NAND, both are normal. Remove the iPhone 6SP NAND to measure the grounding resistance value of the solder pad. It is found that the M6 pin abnormal, the normal resistance should be about 1000, but the pin value is infinite. Check the iPhone 6SP PCB pin and connect it to the external R1501 resistor. After checking, we found that the resistor R1501 is missing, replace R1501, and install the NAND chip back. Use the iTunes to restore again, now the iPhone was successfully restored. Get into IOS to test all functions, all works properly. More iPhone repair guides and cell phone repair tools, please contact with China Phonefix Shop Team on


Troubleshoot: iPhone 7 won’t boot after replace audio

Today, we are going to talk about the iPhone 7 won't boot issue. The iPhone keep restarting when White Apple logo appears on iPhone display screen after replace the audio part. The details are as follows. The iPhone can be flashed, but for second time, the iPhone 7 auto reboot while the flash process bar is not finished. This iPhone 7 originally needed to repair the audio part because it was not able to record, and the voice can't be sent out on the Wechat or Whatsapp. For this audio failure, we can fix it by replacing the new iPhone audio. However, after replace the iPhone audio, the iPhone 7 always white Apple reboot. First we thought maybe it's the iPhone audio is not installed well, so we re-install the audio by QUICK 861DW hot air rework station, but after replacement, the problem is the same. We try to flash the iPhone, the flash process runs smoothly, but it won't be able to access the IOS system after the flash, re-flash the iPhone again, the iPhone automatically restarts. Is the iPhone battery out of power? Replace the new iPhone battery, and then test it, the iPhone boot successfully, but something wrong, the iPhone battery power percentage is not right. Now, we realized that the iPhone battery detective pin has some problem. Use Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter to test it, the data tested is normal, re-test it for several times, we confirm the problem is the iPhone battery detective pin. Check the iPhone schematic diagram in the WUXINJI Dongle. There are Q1202 and a boost resistor, the resistor tested is good, directly replace the new Q1202. Reboot the iPhone again, it works. After get into IOS, test the other functions on iPhone, all functions tested are normal. More iPhone repair guide and cell phone repair tools, please contact with China Phonefix Shop Tean on


Solved: iPhone 6S charge function not working

The iPhone 6S is running out of power, we need to charge it. We recharge the iPhone 6S by iPhone lightning cable, after for a while, the power for iPhone 6S is getting less, what's going on? We need to fix it. Check iPhone schematic diagram on WUXINJI Dongle, we know that the PP5V0_USB (5.0V) sent from the charging flex cable is through the tail socket to the iPhone 6s charge IC, all the way through the protection tube Qx and send to USB control IC. So, the PP5V0_USB (5.0V) is important. Disassemble the iPhone 6S by phone opening tools, remove the iPhone motherboard. And then use Fluke digital multimeter to measure whether there is 5.0V voltage (PP5V0_USB) next to the iPhone charge IC and the iPhone USB control IC. If these two 5.0V are available, then replace the charging IC and USB control IC. If there is 5.0V (PP5V0_USB) next to the charge IC (PP5V0_USB), but no 5V voltage next to USB control IC, the general fault is that it can not be recharged until you turn on the cell phone, or the USB is unrecognized while charging. Under this circumstance, you can use jump wire (FX051) to do short connection on protection tube Qx . The charge inductance L2300 is damaged, resulting in a charging symbol, but the power consumption will not increase, the solution is to replace a new inductance L2300. Finally, assemble the iPhone and test it, now the charge function works good Tips: For the abnormal charging problems, we can measure the PP5V0_USB (5.0V) by diigital multimeter. More iPhone repair guide and cell phone repair tools, please contact with China Phonefix Shop Team (


Free Fix iPhone 5S rear/front camera won’t take pictures (Guide)

The iPhone 5S rear and front camera all won't take pictures, we need to fix it, here is the free fix guide for it. First check iPhone 5S schematic diagram on WUXINJI Dongle, we know that the L29, L30, L28, FL43 components, it is easy to cause no power supply after water corrosion, the problem can be solved by short connection, U210 and U13, the two small glass IC also easily damaged cause no voltage output and cause iPhone short circuit. Be careful not to use hot air gun to remove the U210 and U13, because the Baseband chip is next to them! If you remove it with a hot air gun, the baseband chip will short. Remove the black glue from the IC and heat with the HAKKO soldering iron. Continue to check iPhone front camera schematic on WUXINJI Dongle, the voltage of 2.85V is sent to the interface through FL44, 1.8V passes through FL23 to the interface J1, FL44 and FL23 are easily corroded and damaged, resulting in camera function failure. Interface J1 water is easy to corrode too, patiently clean it and add solder paste or replace J1. The video signal sent by main CPU is sent through FL13, FL15, FL12, FL14 to J1, inductor FL13, FL15, FL12, FL14 are easy to get corrosion and cause camera problems, short connection will solve the problem. Tips: For iPhone camera issues, it is mostly caused by iPhone power problems,such as corrosion and pseudo welding of the socket, also the inductance of channel is corroded and fall off. More iPhone repair guide and cell phone repair tools, please contact with China Phonefix Shop Team on


Solved: iPad Air 2 displays Blurred screen after booting and auto reboot

This iPad Air 2 has been repaired before, and then we press the iPad power button to turn in on, the iPad displays blurred screen and then auto reboot. So, we use iTunes to flash it, it reports unknown error 4013. We need to solve it. Disassemble the iPad by phone opening tools, and then remove the iPhone motherboard, then put the motherboard on iPad PCB test fixture for the next repair operation. It is found the iPad NAND chip was repaired before, so we remove the Nand chip and reflash again, the error code is reported again. So we are going to directly repair flash memory. After the flash memory is installed, it's normal when reflashing again, invalid SN is reported. If the invalid SN is reported, it basically means flash memory has no problem, install the iPad Air2 NAND chip(VC338) and turn it on directly. Generally, blurred screen and reboot is caused by the flash memory problem, if you encounter the similar problems in the future, directly repair flash memory. Finally, get into IOS to test all functions on iPad, all works properly. More iPhone repair guide and cell phone repair tools, please contact with VIP Pro Shop Team on


Latest Solution For iPhone 7 doesn’t have 4G Signal Error

Today, we are going to talk about a water damaged iPhone 7 doesn't have 4G signal, but its 2G signal is normal, we suspect that the 4G signal part on iPhone was damaged by water, water damage caused insufficient power supply of 4G power amplifier, resulting in no 4G signal. Here is the latest solution for it. First of all, use iPhone repair tool kit to open the device, and remove the motherboard to observe under HDMI camera stereo microscope, but we can't see nothing from it, so remove the 4G power amplifier chip. Remove the TDDPA_RF 4G power amplifier chip and measure the resistance value of the pad with Fluke digital multimeter. We found that the value of 11 pin MLB_PA_VBATT is infinitely large to the ground, it seems that the part is broken. Check the circuit diagram on WUXINJI dongle, we found that some voltage go to TDDPA_RF and MLBPA_RF2 chips, the MLBPA_RF chip was not installed. The voltage is PP_PA_VBATT, which is renamed to MLB_PA_VBATT by R7113_RF resistor. The R7113_RF resistance has been corroded under microscope. The circuit icon is recognized as 0 ohm resistor, so we directly short connect. After connection, assemble the iPhone and test it, now the 4G signal works perfectly. More iPhone repair guide and phone repair tools, please contact with VIP Pro Shop Team on


Help! iPhone 6 won’t boot – White Apple auto restart

After replace the broken iPhone display screen, the iPhone 6 won't boot anymore, it shows white Apple logo and then auto restart. Get help here! Disassemble the iPhone 6, remove the iPhone motherboard, check the bus and reset, both of them are normal. Cut the shiled cover above the fingerprint, use Fluke 15B+ digital multimeter to measure the resistance of CPU to the clock and data. The normal values of R0317 and R0316 are more than 400, the measurement of R0317 resistance is 745, and the R0316 is 479. This case is mostly the two pin of AP31 and AR31 in the right lower right corner of CPU has pseudo soldering. First press the iPhone 6 CPU to test whether the device can turn on or not, do not try to reflash the phone first, it will report error 9. Of course, the best method for CPU pseudo soldering is redo the parts, here we try a method of jumper wire connection without removing CPU necessary (6 and 6P can be common used). As shown in picture 17-1-1, look at the position of the two points on the wuxinji schematic diagram, the lower right corner is 0, the width is 1.45MM (the width of 4 solder joints), the height is 1.75MM (the height of the 7 solder joints), which can be slightly shaved on this basis, first probably draw a rectangle. When the upper cover is very hard, do not use brute force, select a sharp phone repair blade, you should slow down when finish scraping on the white pad from cover to the CPU upper cover, after scraping the white pad, the point we are looking for will come out, the wire on the CPU chip must be operated under the HDMI Camera microscope. First test the resistance of the two points. If normal, smear green oil on the top (except for the two points we are going to connect jumper wire). After the curing we can connect jumper wire, use QUICK TR1300A hot air gun(TR1300) to blow very small tin balls on the 2 points respectively , we choose to use the wire of the receiver, it's thinner, the receiver wire is with glue, scrape the 2 ends and apply a little solder. Use jumper wire on the corresponding two points separately. ( it's better to do on both two points to avoid rework repair). Once you finish flying, just apply the green oil and use UV light for curing. Finally, assemble the iPhone 6, and test it, now the iPhone 6 can boot normally. Get into IOS to test all functions on iPhone 6, everything goes well. Tips: According to our past repair experience, we know that the dropped device should be directly checked iPhone CPU parts. More iPhone repair guide and cell phone repair tools, please contact with VIP Pro Shop Team on


Troubleshoot: iPhone 6 black screen issue after fell into water

After fell into water, the iPhone 6 can be turned on,but it shows black screen. Here is the troubleshooting tips for it. According to our experience, because the iPhone 6 has fell into water before, so there must be a corrosive place that causes display function to be abnormal. We can start the repairs from the water inlet area,so we can easy to fix it. Disassemble the iPhone 6, take off the iPhone motherboard, and put it under the 14MP HDMI Camera Stereo Zoom Microscope to check the place where the water is flooded, we found the 2 4 pin of the J2019 display socket have been corroded. Check iPhone schematic diagram on WUXINJI Dongle, the 2 pin is PP_LCM_BL_ANODE_CONN backlight power supply, 4 pin is PP_LCM_BL_CAT1_CONN backlight circuit. Clean up these 2 pins, and then use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station to solder it well, now the iPhone has display after boot, but no touch. Continue to repairing, after observation, we found that iPhone touch IC U2401 and U0900 audio IC all have water corrosion marks. Disassemble it to check, the solder pad have been corroded. Clean up the corrosive solder pad, and then replace the chips. Assemble the iPhone to test, the touch function back to normal, there is the ringtone when receiving calls. More iPhone repair guide and cell phone repair tools, please contact with VIP Pro Shop Team on


Sure we can fix iPhone 6 won’t turn on issue (Water damaged)

Today, we are facing a problem that the iPhone 6 won't turn on after water damaged, can we fix it? Sure! we can fix iPhone 6 won't turn on issue, keep reading. The details of the failure are the iPhone 6 cannot be charged, won't boot, our initial judgment is iPhone motherboard failure, the iPhone power part or iPhone CPU burned. Disassemble the iPhone by phone opening tools, and then connect it DC power supply to check the current, the current stuck on 76mA. Disassemble the iPhone display screen, and measure the boot current, we found the boot current is normal, and the iPhone can enter the IOS system. We suspect that the iPhone LCD Assembly is damaged, after testing, we found if the iPhone fingerprint flex cable not install, the iPhone 6 can be turned on. Check fingerprint flex cable under the Stereo Zoom Microscope, we found traces of corrosion on the fingerprint interface. Clean up the corroded area,use Quick 861DW to re-weld the corroded pins, then assemble the iPhone and test it. The iPhone 6 boot and gets into IOS properly, all functions tested are normal. Tips: it seems the water damaged area is small, the iPhone logic board circuit is not damaged, so the iPhone 6 can be used after dropped into water. The reason that the iPhone 6 won't boot after using for a while is that the influent components are corroded. More iPhone repair guide and phone repair tools, please contact with VIP Pro Shop Team on vipprogrammer.

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